Where do I begin, I spent years in an emotional abusive relationship with a girl who cheated who physically attacked me and multiple occasions, who threatened me with suicide when I tried to leave you stalked and badgered me into staying, who used my love for my child against me. Who got pregnant a second time without my consent claiming to be on birth control and when I finally left for good stole my car as she tricked me into putting it in her name, who took a year’s maintenance and withheld my two kids for 16 months now dragging my name through the gutter with defamatory accusations, I’ve been hospitalised as I tried to take my own life as a life without my children is meaningless it has no light I can’t take any joy from anything anymore I feel so helpless and the court system just lets me down and takes nothing but money from me. To be a man with children in this society is disgusting and I hope no man ever has to go through the pain and torture I’ve experienced


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