Please can someone help my son is 35 he has a 3 mth baby girl, he’s under constant abuse yes from the mother he’s basically a prison he’s not allowed talk to anyone leave the appartment they share he is not allowed to have contact with two children from a previous relationship because she took out a protective order against him where he’s been abused courts won’t believe him so she begs him to go back he does because he loves the baby souch he’s breaking the order but he’s no where else to go then if he says he wants to go to the shop or go out she calls the guards and has him arrested she uses the baby as a pawn and I want him to come live with me I’m in Donegal he’s in Dublin and won’t leave the baby he’s no facing prison time for breaking that order and bail conditions she screams around the baby at him constantly I’ve video he sent me of it him trying to calm her down she’s frightened the child I’m worried about her as well she is controlling every move he makes and one one believes it what can I do please help


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